Rebel One Studios - Invade and Inspire

Rebel One Studios is a full-service animation company offering

high-end animated content to clients in a broad range of industries.


Our crew is assembled of seasoned animators who've spent years together

in the production trenches, sharpening their skills and honing their craft.

Based proudly in Buffalo, NY - the Rebel One Studios flag was hoisted in 2015.


Our mission:

to provide our clients with exceptional animation services.


Rebel One Studios is independent, artist-led and client-focused.

We strive to produce inspiring content through creative passion

and rigorous work ethic, directly for (and openly with) our clients.

The success of our mission depends on the absolute satisfaction of

those clients, and to that end we do not compromise.


Applications for our work include (but are not limited to):

Architectural Visualizations

Explainer & Educational Videos

Commercial Advertisements

Marketing Campaign Material

Strategic Support Services


We stand at the vanguard of a new age in client communication -

ready, enabled and equipped to offer our services to both traditional

and non-traditional markets in every corner of the galaxy.

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